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Why should you care

Because you care about your visitors

What matters and why?

What matters is your users' experience. At Storff, we believe the most crucial part of their experience is how fast your pages become 'available'. Not just how fast they load, but how soon can a user interact with them. For those technically inclined, yes, we mean 'DOMContentLoaded'.

What should you do?

Track real visitor experience for every single page view. Track changes over time and ensure all your visitors have the best experience possible.

And yes, we can help you with this!

Why Storff

Because we care about your visitors

The problem we solve

  • 47% of visitors expect a page to load within 2 seconds
  • 40% will abandon if it takes more than 3 seconds
  • 73% of mobile users say they’ve encountered sites that were too slow
  • 1 second delay in response times = 4% to 7% reduction in conversions

What we do

  • We help you track user experience for every single page view.
  • Identify slow downs during certain times or days. Peak & steady states
  • Ensure your landing pages are fast enough to do their job, CONVERT
  • Mobile vs Desktop, one browser vs another, one city vs another

The benefit

  • Increased Visitor Engagement
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Improved SEO
  • Reduced Page Abandonment
  • Enhanced Visitor Satisfaction

App Features

We do one thing and do it well

Measure real page load times

Capture page load times, exactly as your visitors experience it. Which pages are slower than others, the top resources that cause them to be slow and much more.

Every visitor, every page view

Every page view is important. Record times for every one of them. Different browsers, operating systems & even different geographies.

Reports & Dashboards

View reports on the best and worst pages & resources affecting visitor experience. Single click to view Google's custom suggestions on speeding up the page.

Good for you at any scale

Whether you have thousands or millions of page views a month, we are built to scale. Built for Internet scale, gives you room to grow.

Crafted with Love

Storff was built by developers who have spent thousands of hours optimizing large scale SaaS services. We focus on just one thing, and take great care with what we do.

Clean and Refreshing

Simplicity is essential and at the root of our mission. Simple software, simple features and simple experience. No complexity, no sales calls and no pressure.

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The important stuff

Some things to help you take the plunge

Quick Setup

Sign up, copy & paste the script into the header tag of your site. We have had our customers get started in less than 10 minutes and are sure you can get it done real fast.


We only capture page load times, and transmit them to secure servers. Hosted on some of the largest Cloud providers, the service and data are highly available and secure. Your data is safe.


No software to install, no browser plugins and no server side scripts. Storff is all about pure JavaScript, no dependencies, leveraging the Cloud CDNs to provide excellent service.


Compare page load times across geographies, browsers, operating systems, hour of the day and other parameters. Find the resources that affect user experience, tweak, analyze and repeat.


With a script ~2K in size, hosted on the industry leading CDNs, we keep a sharp focus on ensuring fast and consistent performace, with no impact to your users' experience.


We are building out a network of sites. We help you compare your sites page load times with times we measure from anonymized similar geographies, browsers, times and other factors.


All it takes is a simple message to and we will get on it right away. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience. And we take that seriously for your users too.


Simple as 1,2,3. Setup your account and add the script to your site. We will send you a daily email with a summary of the previous day. View the best in class dashboard for a detailed analysis!

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